Desire-Intrusive Thoughts

I read somewhere that we don’t hear much about people like Will from the movie “Good Will Hunting.” It’s because they’re outsiders. They withhold their gifts from the world out of fear of failure or inadequacy.
I, the author, see myself as a Will Hunting character. I have a hard time finding interested people who are close to my level of intelligence and who are inspired by difference. However, for the two professionals who listened to me when I discussed my theory with them, thank you. It’s with sincere gratitude that I say this, because without their influence, I may well have remained academic worlds apart, with Desire-Intrusive Thoughts a closed book. Instead, I became the writer I strived to be.
Will Hunting personalities can only be truly understood and appreciated by experts who have the wisdom to see beyond academia. Genuine friendships and incentives can help them find that which they seek.