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Carol Edwards

Tag: compulsion

How I Gained Insight to Defeat My Fear-of-Failure Obsession

Reading time: 3 min 46 sec I didn’t tell anyone that intrusive thoughts had started to creep in again. It was while I was writing a complex chapter for my book “Desire-Intrusive Thoughts”. Suddenly, I had a fear of failing. Thoughts of people mocking my desire-aversion theory came into my mind without my will. I

A Trickle Of Blood In Your Soup When You Have OCD

Reading time: 1 min 12 sec This post comes with a trigger warning. Look what’s happened?! A trickle of blood in my mug! I’ve opened myself to this scenario—apparently, best attack. I should blame myself. I’m usually strong-minded. But today, I feel an urgency to soothe myself, and it draws me to it. It knows

Why It’s Good Not To Confess In Religious OCD

Reading time: 45 sec I sigh with relief when God forgives me. My confession helps me escape the mistaken sin and settles my mind. I hate myself. And the most crucial thing is trusting that my confession will prevent me from doing it again. I shouldn’t buy into it, but I do―I’m prone to its