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Carol Edwards

Tag: ERP

How To Be A United Front With A Partner To Beat Relationship OCD

This short story looks at a devoted couped who are learning about exposure-response prevention to overcome relationship OCD. It tells how a specific strategy helps brings in some light-hearted humour coupled with the strength to defeat the problem together. Reading time: 4 min 6 sec, word count 1,028 Scene 1 I’m in bed. I’m crying

POCD In Class: 100 Powerful Words On How To Do The Right Thing

One-hundred word drabble: Reading time: 40 sec POCD IN CLASS: 100 POWERFUL WORDS ON HOW TO DO THE RIGHT THING Teacher’s anxious. It isn’t the first time. It happened before in class. It was the paedophile thoughts. Still, s/he managed to get through the lesson and the lessons before that. But right now, s/he’s sweating,