The Author

Carol Edwards, Sac. Dip. (D), is a professional cognitive behavioral therapist turned writer specializing in the treatment for obsessive-compulsive disorder. Her interest is examining the bio-behavioral aspects of pure-obsessional disorder to bring fresh concepts to conventional treatment modalities.
In continuing with her professional development, she completed a course with the University of Hull (2008) titled The Learning Characteristics of Children on the Autistic-Spectrum. And in 2013 she received certification from the Institute of Child Education & Psychology Europe alongside the National Autistic Society for a program titled Asperger’s: Insights and Interventions for Support.
She incorporates in her writing an understanding of OCD in autism-related issues that includes topics related to hatred of sounds (misophonia), dissociation and depression ( She is a member of the International OCD Foundation (to which she has an article published) and the registered charity, OCD UK.
Besides having a writing career, she is a fulltime carer for people on the OCD and autism spectrums (since 2003). She also works as a volunteer for similar issues, including anorexia nervosa. Her hobbies and interests are reading, chess, and watching psychological thrillers and historical dramas. She lives with her children and pets at Kingston-Upon-Hull, England.